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Automation Solutions & Plant Modernization

At Concept Systems, Our Engineers Thrive on Challenge.

The tougher the challenge, the better! Show us your business problem, tell us your goals, and we’ll dive into your manufacturing process and build a smart automation solution precisely tailored to meet your needs.

We’ve done it more than a thousand times already. Concept is dedicated to providing automation solutions that prepare our clients, and their operations, for the future.

Robotics and digital technology are creating new opportunities every day for manufacturers to better take care of customers, reduce waste, diversify product lines, prioritize safety, and more. It all starts with an automation roadmap. A plan to address your plant's specific growth obstacles and modernize your operations. 

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Controls Upgrades & CNC Retrofits

Machine controls upgrades allow operations to prepare for tomorrow's manufacturing obstacles - instead of staying stuck in reaction-mode. And it's good for business.

  • Increase Productivity
  • Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Less Waste
  • Larger Profits
  • Better Safety

Safety Assessments & Mitigation Planning

Running and maintaining a plant is a demanding job, making is difficult to stay on top of the latest safety standards.

Concept Systems has a team of safety experts ready to find the best solutions for your plant.

  • Safety Assessment Services
  • Safety Validation Services
  • Safety Implementation Services

Automation Consultation

Although your operation needs may shift from day to day, your long-term business goals remain constant. For operation managers, these two concerns don't always align with each other.

Talk with a Concept automation expert and discover solutions to:

  • Increase your bottom line
  • Prioritize worker safety
  • Keep up with industry trends
  • Tend to unique business goals

Concept Engineers for Hire

When that big line expansion needs to come to completion, even established manufacturers with dedicated engineering teams can max out.

When you need to add team members and sprint through a project, Concept's expert systems integrators bring both talented people and a structured project methodology to your automation project.

By working with Concept Systems as a partner, you can solve big manufacturing challenges while eliminating the need to hire additional skilled staff.

  • Access to more resources
  • Decrease plant downtime
  • Finish upgrades on a quicker timeline
  • Engineers & technicians available for temporary, project-specific work

Project Startup Services

You make important decisions every day. Decisions that impact the immediate capacity of your plant operations.

So let us keep track of the nuts and bolts.

Experienced project managers will oversee the inner workings of your automation integration, keeping projects within the timeline and on budget.

Main Automation Contractors (MAC)

A main automation contractor takes the lead, overseeing all aspects of your integration. Not simply a project manager, a MAC has deep technical knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing industry.

Concept experts know how to apply the latest project methodologies and best practices to implement technological solutions.

In short, a MAC results in a smoother and faster start up.


OnSUPPORT & Maintenance Plans

To ensure that your manufacturing automation investments help you achieve your goals, we protect your assets with Concept OnSupport.

OnSupport is around-the-clock assurance that your machines are running as planned, and in the event, something changes, our 24/7 support will respond quickly and efficiently to restore production.

  • Remote System Monitoring
  • Online Customer Portal
  • 24/7 Technical Support Line
  • Annual System Analysis
  • Custom Maintenance Plans